History of Kununurra Taekwondo

Kununurra Taekwondo 1st began in Kununurra in July 1995 under the instruction of Mr. Graham Haynes.  Mr James Park (7th Dan) from Darwin became the club’s 1st Master instructor travelling to Kununurra several times a year to conduct promotion testing.   The fledgling club continued to grow and in April, 1996 there were 16 students participating in the club’s 1st ever promotion testing.  In 2001 the club became affiliated with the Chungdokwan School under the guidance of Master Robert Fitton (6th Dan) from Darwin and to this day are still affiliated with Chungdokwan.

Mr Haynes successfully ran the club from 1995 to 2006 during which time the club prospered with attendances at several Championships in Darwin, conducting demonstrations at St Josephs and KDHS Fetes, Kununurra Markets and the Ag Show.  At one point the club had 12 Black Belts actively attending training.  At the end of 2006 Mr Haynes decided to leave Kununurra and thankfully  Mr. Dick Pasfield took over the reins of the club from 2007 to 2010.  During this time Mr. Pasfield fully committed to Taekwondo, conducting up to 4 training sessions a week as well as managing his own training so he could be promoted from 1st Dan to 3rd Dan.  The club also held Woodbreaking Championships and an Interclub Championship with a newly started club in Wyndham.  Mr. Pasfield came up with a unique way of fund raising.  He trained for several months hardening his feet so he could smash water melons and pumpkins at the Ag Show.  In 2008 Mrs. Lynne McIntyre became the Club’s Head Instructor and this association continued until 2013.  In 2008 Mrs Riley 1st Dan recommenced the “Little Tiger” training sessions for 6-9yos.  This proved very popular with classes filling very quickly.  After 4 years of instructing Mr. Pasfield resigned as the Club’s Instructor at the end of 2010.

Mrs. Riley by then had been promoted to 2nd Dan and decided to take over the reins with the view to helping several students reach their goal of Black Belt.  Those students moved on but Mrs. Riley continued to instruct both the Senior and Little Tiger classes.  Now 6 years later the club is still running strong with Mrs. Riley now promoted to 3rd Dan and being ably assisted by Mr. Hone 2nd Dan and 2 Junior Black Belts.  In 2013 the club came under the guidance of Grandmaster Adrian Hitch (8th Dan) from Adelaide and has not looked back.  His extensive knowledge of the art and self defence has seen the standard of training within the club dramatically improve. The club now boasts 5 Black Belts with 4 of Mrs Riley's  “Little Tiger” students committing 5 years of trainnig to the art to reach this status.  

The club now entering it’s 23rd year is still thriving with an expected membership of 60 students in 2017.  As well as training continuously for 11 months of the year the club, holds an annual camp, attends the NT Sparring Championships, conducts 2 promotion testings a year, 2 training seminars by Grandmaster Hitch, 4 regular training sessions a week, 2 for Seniors from the ages of 9 onwards and 1 for Little Tigers ages 6-9 and  an afternoon class for Yellow Belts.  2017 is shaping up to be an exceptional year for the club with plans to further expand the club’s activities by introducing a Club Championship.  

We are a well run organisation with a very active committee, dedicated instructors and committed students.